3 to 5 day workshop

These workshops begin in the picturesque Apennine mountains of Italy.  Our home base is Rocca Malatina, famous for the gigantic, unusual rock formations one associates with the background of the Mona Lisa, or portrait of Federico da Montefeltro.   We pick you up in either Modena or Bologna, and drive you to your accommodations,either with us or at a B&B in Rocca Malatina.

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We visit and paint charming hilltowns in the region — ancient Borgos from the 13th century.    In the spring we paint the cherry blossoms that the region is famous for; in the fall we paint the golden shades of the grape vines.


If you take the five day course,  we visit either Venice or Bologna, where we can paint, visit a museum or you can shop.


FLASH:  We’re painting in Sicily from 12 January – 12 February.  Contact us to join the fun!

Tour Description Cost/euro Dates available Notes
3 days Paint in the Apennine mountains in Italy.Pick up in Bologna or Modena; accommodation in Rocca Malatina/Guiglia 1295.00 1 April – 13 June; 1 September-30 October   2017 3 days  begin on Monday or Wednesday
5 days Paint in the Apennines for 4 days, paint/visit/museum day in Venice or Bologna.  Pick up/drop off in Bologna or Modena 1695.00 1 April – 13 June; 1 September-30 October   2017 Weeks begin Monday, end Friday
Half or full day At your location between Modena/Bologna/Guiglia 250.00 Euros for 2.5 hours/350 for 5 hours 1 April – 13 June; 1 September-30 October   2017
Meet us in Sicily 275.00 Euros a day; supplies included 12 January-12 February Palermo or your city
Custom workshop You choose the venue in Europe or North America From 1695.00 Euros Meet at airport